Using a pour over method yields a smooth and flavorful brew, making it an excellent choice for coffee enthusiasts. Although it requires some extra time and effort, the end result is truly rewarding!

To begin, ensure you have a reliable method of heating water to approximately 200°F. Additionally, gather the necessary equipment, including a pour-over kettle, a dripper funnel, and a glass carafe. It’s important that the carafe is made of glass, while the dripper should be of high quality, either ceramic or metal. Drippers come in various shapes, with some featuring a flat bottom and others, like the Hario, adopting a funnel shape that employs cone-shaped filters, tapering to a point at the bottom. Personally, I prefer the Hario pour-over setup due to its ceramic dripper and the availability of their own branded filters.

When preparing a pour-over it is important to use fresh whole bean coffee. Peet’s coffee, a Californian-based brand, ranks among my favorites due to their exceptional roasting techniques and the wide variety of fresh whole bean coffee blends they offer. When preparing a pour-over coffee, it is advisable to use a timer and freshly ground beans. The coarseness of the coffee grind significantly impacts the flavor extracted from the beans and I usually grind a medium/course grind. As a general guideline, aim to brew 200g of coffee within 2 minutes. However, be cautious of poor-quality filters that may impede the water flow through the grounds. Likewise, if the coffee grind is too fine, it can disrupt the optimal brewing time and hinder the water’s passage. Here is a video showing the proper pour-over method.


The All About Coffee Machines Team